What’s In Our Social Media Director's Bag?

What’s In Our Social Media Director's Bag?
Written by: Asia Shamir Ferguson

When running one of the biggest up-and-coming black-owned luxury leather handbag brands in the world, things can get a bit hectic. Our fabulous designer cannot take on all the heavy duties, especially the workload of social media. This is why we have Emily Walker, digital creator, and social media director, to take over our social media community. Since you never know what’s going on in the studio, you always have to come prepared. If you’re a Social Media Manager or digital creator, keep reading for Emily’s daily essentials needed on the go and in the office! Here’s what Emily carries in her Imani Tote daily as a social media director for F&W Style.

Emily’s a Leo, always prepared enough for three people! Her bag is the perfect example of the phrase: just in case. From accessories and beauty essentials to snacks and extra contacts, if she accidentally leaves something at home, best to believe she has a backup. Here are Emily’s favorite day-to-day personal items.

I know what you’re thinking. Crushed red pepper? Yes, our F&W girl Emily always has a taste for spice! Best believe, every lunch break includes a touch of her favorite topping!


Staying hydrated and prepared, Emily’s always carrying the best gadgets to film the best TikTok and Instagram content! In her infamous hot pink notebook, it holds all the ideas and brainstorming sessions for weeks to come. Some of Emily’s Imani Tote Bag essentials can be found on her Amazon Storefront! Carrying everything needed for a successful day at work, from touch-ups to snacks, our F&W girl stays armed and ready to execute all of our amazing social media content!



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    Exotica: June 28, 2024

    Wow, this is such a helpful and insightful peek into a social media manager’s essentials! I love how you’ve broken down each item and explained its importance. Your tips are practical and inspiring for anyone in the field. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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