Celebrate Your Light By Channeling Your Inner Hollywood Glam

Celebrate Your Light By Channeling Your Inner Hollywood Glam

Written by: Asia Shamir Ferguson

The time is upon us when the number one priority in the world is giving back and celebrating the holidays. However, while giving back and celebrating friends and family, we tend to forget to celebrate ourselves. For many, this is a month of reflection but for others, a celebration. While we reflect on our biggest wins of the year, an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude comes over us and this is something we tend to downplay and suppress. Now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments proudly and unapologetically.

And what better time other than the month of celebration itself? This isn’t the time to downplay yourself or your accomplishments. If you never treat yourself, dress up, or celebrate, now is the time more than ever and allow all eyes on you with a definite attention grabber, the Aria!


Maybe you're always celebrating yourself, and you want something special around this time of year. You usually always step out with the “center-of-attention” handbag or outfit. However, the Aria isn’t your typical center-of-attention bag. It’s the ultimate Hollywood Glam bag, which is what all our F&W Girls are channeling during this holiday season. Whether it’s a party, event, or just because, you’ll be giving nothing but fabulous, elegance, and glamourous.


Romanticize this festive season with something special and glamorous. With three colors to choose from, you’ll be nothing but celebrated and glamorous. If you need a little push to celebrate your light, the Aria is the perfect subtle but effective enhancement to your holiday or celebratory handbag collection.


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