Stadium-Approved Game Day Bags...That are Actually Cute

Stadium-Approved Game Day Bags...That are Actually Cute

By: Asia Shamir Ferguson 

The wrong bag can easily take an outfit from a 10 to 5. The days are over of showing up to the stadium in a bomb look and a less than bomb bag. Thanks to our designer, F&W Girls can now meet the stadium requirements and slay while enjoying the big game. We all know how dreadful scrambling up a clear bag just for game day can be (and let's be honest, they’re not the best looking). It seems the only occasion we struggle to find the perfect bag to compliment our looks are those stadium events because of the lack of variety and style. 

Many of us have suffered and sat through many stadium events with less than eventful bags that aren't giving as much as the rest of our look. Luckily for you, you now have two solutions: The OG Crystal Clear Bag and functional Violet Vanity Case. Our Crystal Clear is the original clear bag in our ultimate collection. However, every girl needs variety which is why we designed a functional game-day certified bag that's chic, convenient, and interchangeable as a clutch! With these game-day must-haves, you can arrive to the stadium stylish and chic from head-to-toe.

Now that you've got your bag covered, we must admit that us girls live the same lives. Because what the heck do you bring to a game?! No worries. If you need some advice and tips on what you should pack your clear bag with, look no further. To have the most thrilling and stress-free game day, be sure to pack these essentials in your Violet Vanity or Crystal Clear.

              • Phone
              • Mini Fan
              • Cash
              • Shades 
              • Hand Sanitizer 
              • Mini Lotion
              • Lip Gloss



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