The Royalty and Modern Sophistication of the Kemi Collection

The Royalty and Modern Sophistication of the Kemi Collection

By: Asia Shamir Ferguson

As a young girl in Nigeria, designer and founder Alexandria Alli witnessed her grandmother and other women around her wear an eye-catching unique fabric for special occasions. Whenever this special fabric, Aso Oke (ah-SHAW-okay), was seen she knew there was a celebratory occasion taking place.

Aso Oke (ah-SHAW-okay), made from the Yoruba people of Lagos, reigns as the epitome of prestige and tradition. Worn by esteemed royalty, during momentous occasions and weddings, it holds a profound significance not only to our designer, but to her culture back home. In 2013, our designer finally got to feel like a queen wearing the fabric for the first time on her wedding day.

“I felt like I was the queen; like I was a princess! And I just knew at that moment that one day if I ever owned my brand… I would bring that fabric into use.”

What she noticed after her wedding, was that she wanted to feel as special as she did on that day, every day. As soon as she walked down the aisle in the hand-woven cloth, she knew that it was a nonnegotiable for it to be included in her designs one day. When Alex decided to give this fabric a new sense of life and meaning, she was determined to encourage women around the world to channel royalty in their everyday lives as well.

Thus, the Kemi collection was born, transforming a symbol of historical royalty into a magnet for majestic femininity—a testament to the belief that every woman deserves to feel a touch of royalty and translate sophistication on their terms.

Previously seen in our Sade Bag, extending the impact of this historically prominent fabric not only expanded its legacy but also created jobs for artisans back home in Nigeria. Now, in addition royalty and celebration, Aso Oke also displays timeless craftsmanship. The combination of pebble grain leather with Aso Oke speaks truth to the concept of this innovative artistry with a heartfelt modern twist.

The power of the cloth extends far beyond sophistication when you consider the powerful impact of the colors yellow, blue, and pink. These hues convey the energy of optimism, joy, strength, wisdom, love, and elegance to every woman. This energy can now be passed on to future generations to ensure they know the power their femininity holds in creating a world where all women feel like queens.


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