What's In Our Fashion Director's Ruby Belt Bag?

What's In Our Fashion Director's Ruby Belt Bag?

Written by: Asia Shamir Ferguson

Kendriuna is the spokeswoman for “busy on-the-go”. As a fashion director, there are many roles to fulfill so it’s important to keep it lightweight and simple. Handsfree and just big enough to hold all her on-the-go needs, the Ruby can be worn multiple ways for many occasions. From planning and executing photoshoots, campaigns, and schedules, Kendriuna carries just the right amount for all the days running around. The mind behind the campaigns, and one of the many hands in the execution happens to be very hands-on, while still cute and simple. In her words, “That’s all I need”, she keeps it straight to the point. To upgrade from a classic retro-looking fanny-pack to a chic belt-bag that still serves its hands-free purpose is golden in the world of our fashion director. Here’s what she carries in her Ruby out-and-about!


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