The Cosmetic Bag that Aces the Test as A Clutch? Yes Please!

The Cosmetic Bag that Aces the Test as A Clutch? Yes Please!

By: Asia Shamir Ferguson 

Our chic and multi-tasking vanity case is one for the books. Whether keeping it at home or taking it on the go it's the PERFECT chic take on the famous essential cosmetic bag. (pssst… its also a clutch)

But that’s not where she stops! She’s also a fun clutch or crossbody. According to ELLE, she's “perfect for travel” and “can do double-duty as a handbag”. When you are on-the go, sometimes less is more. Here at F&W Style, we prioritize convenience and functionality. That's why she’s see-through and easy to clean. Because we busy women on the go don’t have time to scramble around to reapply our lipstick or clean off makeup every 2 seconds. We're trying to live our soft life! She holds everything you need for your daily on-the-go hair, skin, and makeup essentials. diversely, she holds your phone, cardholder, and sprays. So if you need to take it on the go to prevent getting your cash, coins, and mascara stuck at the scary depth of the bottom of the bag, she’s #1.

Tired of going to games or concerts with a clear bag that’s just not giving as much as the rest of the look? Don’t be afraid to spice it up and add some personality by adding a strap or a gold chain to wear as a crossbody. The days of the cheap-looking, boring concert/game bags are over. When it is time to go to an event, sometimes that traditional clutch can be boring, so switch it up with the vanity case for a chic modern look.


Sustainability is a secret key factor to pull off any look. Knowing you are wearing something that you know is going to last you a long time boosts confidence. Knowing you can easily switch up something in your wardrobe gives you the creative freedom to add your own touch to anything you wear. There aren’t a lot of clear bags that specialize in the area of versatility. Speaking of versatility, maybe your hands won’t touch the vanity for games and events every day. Maybe you’d rather have a high-quality and sturdy cosmetic bag. Imagine a world where you take your makeup bag out and it stands up strong, sturdy, and chic. Well, believe it or not, you no longer must imagine! She stands upright on any surface and stays structured no matter the occasion!

When ELLE said the violet makes for the “fastest get ready with me”, they weren’t wrong! She’s double-duty, chic, made to complete the look!


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