How Alex Adapts Her Fall Wardrobe to The Weather, Not the Season

How Alex Adapts Her Fall Wardrobe to The Weather, Not the Season
Written by: Asia Shamir Ferguson

Who says fall wardrobe has to be dull and dark? Surely not Alex! Still express yourself with your favorite colors and maximize what you have in your closet.

Instead of changing your entire color scheme and buying a whole new wardrobe for fall, you can still be bright and fun in the fall all while maximizing clothes you already own. Level up your fall looks by layering and being authentically you!

Rather than changing your entire wardrobe for a new season, think the only thing that's changing is the weather. You may start getting to cool weather and panic because you think you have absolutely nothing to wear. You already have hundreds of fabulous fall outfits in your closet, you just don't know it yet.

Newsflash: All of your spring and summer pieces can be worn during fall too! How? First, get the stigma out of your head that your entire color scheme HAS to change. If you enjoy bright colors, there's no reason you can't be vibrant in cold weather. Ans in vice versa, if you enjoy darker and robust colors, keep the vibe going from season to season! Second, try layering because you are dressing to stay warm not to match the season. Third, be authentic and wear what is true to your style. Fall is a chance to really let our personal style shine because we can play around with a never-ending range of fabrics, patterns, textures, and silhouettes. And the warmer the better!

How Alex Effortlessly Transitions Into Fall...

Alex never feels a need to put on a different face for a new season. Same Alex, just wearing a lot more clothes. That's the key to keeping up with your personal style is to still dress the way you want but with the idea of staying warm. Think of fall as an opportunity to show a different side of you. In 90-degree summer heat, some days can restrict you to only tank tops, shorts, and sandals. With fall wardrobe, because of the addition of long sleeves, boots, hats, and accessories, you not only have more options but more freedom to be fun. Alex uses all these extra pieces to channel a more creative and bold version of herself.

Fall fashion is the boldest season yet, and some of Alex's most memorable fall/winter looks.

Need to kickstart your fall wardrobe with pieces you may not have yet? Here are some pieces to start with to pair with what you already have.







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